" Rembombory Dylan"


D.O.B August 16, 2015
Sire Cedrik Bulldog von Rauscher
Dam Rembombory Welcome I
Breeder P.Reig Calabuig
Health test
HUU Clear
Health test RvB Yes
Ecvo Yes

Rembombory Dylan

Available for stud.

Only for approved bitches.


Cydrik Bulldog vn Rauscher
Lemon Vom Amos Amigos
{ Golucan Cole Belthazor

Jin Szui Inci
Tiffany Bulldog Arcita {
Mystyle Monsoon Ocobo

Akira Moravia Loamba
Rembombory Welcome I
{ Rembombory Pastrycook
{ Rembombory Toblerone
Rembombory Hylari
Rembombory Madonna
{ The Hopis Bullet

Rembombory Triana

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